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Introduction to Dermatoglyphics

What is Dermatoglyphics?

Benefits of Dermatoglyphyics Reports

At BrainOroma, we specialize in conducting Dermatoglyphics reports, delving into the fascinating study of skin patterns. The term “derma” refers to skin, and “glyphic,” derived from the German language, signifies patterns. This in-depth analysis begins during the embryonic stage, influenced by genetic factors. As the patterns develop, they become stable and uniquely individual by the time of birth. These distinct patterns serve both biological and identification purposes throughout our lives.

This comprehensive, lifetime report is grounded in extensive research and is accessible to individuals ranging from 2 to 70 years old. Dermatoglyphics reports offer a wealth of benefits and outcomes that extend beyond specific communities, age groups, or genders – they are universally beneficial to all of humanity.

  1. To know your child’s or your own career interest, career values, personality and skills 
  2. Explore your child’s strengths, weaknesses and capabilities.
  3. Explore your child’s career clusters
  4. Ample of choice in career
  5. Career Path Analysis
  6. Skills & Abilities Analysis
  7. Develop a Career Road Map: Detailed plan to be executed.
  1. One can understand his/her core competencies.
  2. Self confidence can be boosted up once the personality is known.
  3. Improved performance.
  4. Hidden talents can be revealed.
  5. Helps in selecting right occupation.
  6. Preferable work environment in which it is suitable for the person to work.
  7. To know about leadership qualities present in him/her.
  1. To know the compatibility of partners.
  2. To know the each other’s strength and weaknesses
  3. It can be determine that what kind of partner is best suited for the person.
  4. Certain problems that results into fights and mismatch the understanding of the couple can be detected.
  5. Advice for a healthy relationship can be availed.

Purpose of Brainoroma

  • BrainOroma aims to raise awareness about systematic parenting while challenging conventional parenting methods.
  • Uncovering latent talents and showcasing core competencies is another goal pursued by BrainOroma.
  • BrainOroma seeks to guide the 72% of people globally who are in the wrong occupation, assisting them in finding the right career path.

Brainoroma’s Unique Approach

Let us illustrate with a story

In a diverse world where each individual possesses unique qualities, it becomes imperative to customize education to suit individual needs.

Introduce an 8-year-old girl grappling with the challenges of comprehending mathematical concepts in her school. Despite putting in her best efforts, the conventional teaching method proved ineffective for her. Authorities urged her to work harder, applying the same approach expected of everyone else. Regrettably, this uniform strategy resulted in her failure in the subject, fostering a belief that the issue lay solely with her and that she lacked focus.

This story highlights three key issues:

Uniform Education

All students were treated the same, despite their unique personalities and characteristics.

Individual Struggles

The girl's best efforts couldn't bridge the gap in her understanding of mathematics.

Prescriptive Solutions

She was given prescriptive advice to work harder, overlooking her need for a more tailored approach.

At Brainoroma, we address these challenges based on the following principles:

Recognizing Uniqueness

We believe that every human being is different, and what works for one may not work for another.

Suggestive, Not Prescriptive

We provide personalized, suggestive guidance based on an individual's personality, rather than prescribing a one-size-fits-all solution.

Understanding Triggers

We acknowledge that each person has unique triggers for actions and reactions, and our approach is designed to uncover and understand these triggers to provide the most effective support.

With Brainoroma, we are committed to creating a more personalized and effective learning experience for every individual, recognizing that each person is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Proprietary Name

BrainOroma employs Dermatoglyphics (Derma = Skin, Glyphics = Patterns) Tests, leveraging scientific research to offer objective insights into the personality and behavioral traits of individuals.

Additionally, we tailor Psychometric Tests to cater to students of different age groups, aiding in career counseling.

  • For over 2000 years, the Chinese have utilized fingerprints as a means of signature and identification.

  • In 1893, Sir Francis Galton, cousin to Charles Darwin, scientifically demonstrated a direct correlation between fingerprints and an individual’s medical and behavioral profile.

  • Dr. Harold Cummins, widely recognized as the father of “Dermatoglyphics,” coined this term in 1926. He actively engaged in further studies by integrating Anthropology (the study of Human societies), Genetics (the study of Heredity), and Embryology (the study of embryo and its development). Through this interdisciplinary approach, he established a scientifically proven connection between fingerprints and the development of the brain.

History Of The Research

Usage Of The Report

We thoroughly analyze fingerprints and generate a comprehensive report based on the findings. The key outcomes include:

  1. Establishing the Relationship between the Brain and Hands
  2. Assessing Individual Personality and Behavior
  3. Identifying the Learning Style of the individual
  4. Determining the Distribution Ratio of 8 Different Intelligences
  5. Mapping Career Options with Graphical Representation


Each point is accompanied by effective techniques to enhance individual performance and achieve excellence.

As part of our services, we offer expert consulting sessions with parents, employers, and guardians of the test-taker. These sessions aim to provide an objective analysis of the test results and offer valuable insights for further guidance.