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Unveiling the Dermatoglyphic Code

Brain and Fingers Connection

In dermatoglyphics, the Right Brain aligns with the Left Hand, while the Left Brain corresponds to the Right Hand—a unique correlation with intriguing implications for understanding individual characteristics and potential.

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About us

What is Dermatoglyphics Test ?

Dermatoglyphic Test is a scientific test of the connection of your brain with your fingerprint patterns. It is a type of aptitude and intelligence test that helps in understanding your potential & personality type. The test covers many parameters and aspects of human behavior to perform a more diverse assessment of your aptitude and intelligence.

DMIT hence provides a more in-depth and broader analysis as compared to a normal IQ tests as it deals with multiple kinds of intelligence, skills and learning techniques.

The test is based on scientific studies and designs founded in the fields of Neuroscience, Genetics,  Dermatoglyphic, Psychology and Embryology.

Dermatoglyphic, or Study of Fingerprints was invented by Dr. Harold Cummins and has been the basis of various research and studies that link genetic development of babies with it.

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