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About Our Founder

Mr. Himanshu Singla

Meet Mr. Himanshu Singla, a seasoned expert at the helm of our company specializing in Dermatoglyphics & Consultation sessions. With 6+ years of dedicated research in tandem with his background in EXIM business, he brings a wealth of knowledge to BrainOroma.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Communication from Nagpur University and a diploma in E-Commerce, Himanshu is committed to transforming society for the better. Fueled by an unwavering passion, he made the decision to shift his focus entirely to the promotion of BrainOroma, leaving behind his previous ventures.

Our team, comprising skilled professionals in Administration, Sales, Hypnotherapy, and Marketing, collaborates seamlessly under Himanshu’s leadership. Together, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled value to our clients at every stage of their journey.

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Founder of BrainOroma

Our Values

The Purpose of BrainOroma

Unlocking the innate potential within, the trailblazers of humanity wired their brains to greatness through natural instincts. At BrainOroma, our modest goal is to reignite this fading process, empowering every individual to harness their unique gifts for unparalleled personal growth and fulfillment. Discover the path to unlocking your true potential with BrainOroma.

BrainOroma is a revolutionary company on a mission to overhaul traditional approaches in the way

Revolutionizing Education for Tomorrow's Leaders

BrainOroma aims to revolutionize the traditional approach to raising and educating children, fostering a new era of knowledge acquisition both at home and in educational institutions.

Elevate Your Workforce

Discover cutting-edge methods with BrainOroma as we reshape the way organizations hire and inspire their workforce to consistently deliver their best.

Navigating Modern Relationships

Uncover the secrets to overcoming challenges in modern human relationships and mastering effective communication with BrainOroma's transformative insights.

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A Coach That Can Help You

At BrainOroma, we are driven by the vision to revive the innate wiring of the human brain, aligning with natural instincts to unlock individual potential for unprecedented personal growth and fulfillment. As change agents, we aspire to revolutionize traditional approaches to child upbringing and education, enhance employee recruitment and motivation strategies, and address challenges in modern interpersonal communication dynamics. Choose BrainOroma for a transformative journey, where we harness your unique abilities to propel you towards greatness in your chosen path.

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